Ayurvedic Treatments


1)zirodhara is a very intensive Ayurveda treatment where a medicated fluid (oil, buttermilk etc) is poured over the forehead of a patient for a duration of between 45-60 minutes every day for a period ranging from 7 to 21 days.

2)It is effective in a wide range of conditions including but not limited to full body paralysis, facial paralysis, migraine, insomnia, depression, diabetes and cervical spondylosis.


1)pizhicil is a very intensive Ayurveda treatment where medicated fluid, mostly oils, is poured all over the body of an individual for a duration of around 60 minutes every day for a period ranging from 7 to 21 days.

2)It is effective in a wide range of conditions including but not limited to rheumatoid arthritis, slipped disc, cervical spondylitis, osteoarthritis, partial paralysis, total paralysis and sciatica. In this treatment, 2-5 therapists work on an individual simultaneously pouring around 2.5 litres of warm medicated fluid over the entire body of the individual.

3)All Ayurveda treatments are truly effective when they are prescribed by an experienced Ayurveda physician for the individual patient with the full knowledge of the state of the individual as also the variables affecting the individual.

4)Further, like in panchakarma, most treatments require a preparatory period of 7-10 days and a post-treatment recuperative period of 7 days to 6 weeks depending on the actual condition of the individual.

5)All treatments are naturally accompanied by dietary and lifestyle restrictions without which the treatment may not be as beneficial, and can sometimes even lead to complications.

6)Hence it is best to take a course of treatment under the guidance of a qualified and experienced Ayurveda physician – a proper course of treatment can take around 3-5 weeks tentatively and demands total (near-total) physical and mental rest from the individual.


  • Abhyangam (Oil massage)
  • Aschothana (Eye drops) Anjana (collyrium)
  • Bidalaka (Application of paste over the outer surface of eyelids)
  • Dhara – Ekanga – Kashayam – Local (pouring kashayam)
  • Dhara – Ekanga – Taila – Local (Pouring Oil)
  • Dhara – Sarvanga – Tailam – Whole body (Pouring medicated oil)
  • Dhara – Sarvanga – Takra – Whole body (Pouring medicated buttermilk)
  • Dhara – Shiro-Tailam (Pouring Oil in the forehead)
  • Dhara – Shiro – Takra (Pouring medicated Buttermilk over the forehead)
  • Dhoomapana (Medicated Smoke)
  • Gandusha (Mouth pulling)
  • Jalookavacharanam (Leech Therapy)
  • Kabalam (Gargling)
  • Karnapooranam (Ear drops)
  • Kshalanam – Eyes Kshalanam – Vagina
  • Ksheera dhooma (Steam with milk decoction)
  • Lepa – Ekanga- Sthanika -Local (Application of paste)
  • Lepa – Mukha (Face pack)
  • Lepa – Sarvanga – Whole body
  • Nadiswedam – kashayam (Steam of medicated decoction through a tube for specified area)
  • Nadiswedam – ksheera (Steam of medicated milk decoction through a tube for specified area)
  • Nasyam – Marsa (Purificatory nasal drops)
  • Nasyam- Pratimarsha (Nasal drops for daily use)
  • Padabhyangam (Foot massage)
  • Pichu- Local (Tampon)
  • Pichu – Yoni (Vaginal Tampon)
  • Pinda Sveda – ksheera kashaya kizhi (Poultice with Milk decoction of different herbs)
  • Pinda Sveda – Dhanyamla kizhi (Poultice with Dhanyamla)
  • Pinda Sveda - Choornam – Ekanga – Local (Poultice with Powder)
  • Pinda Sveda – Choornam – Sarvanga – Whole body
  • Pinda Sveda – Patra – Elakizhi – Local (Poultice with Leaves)
  • Pinda Sveda – Patra – Elakizhi – Sarvanga
  • Pinda Sveda – Shashtika – Ekanga -Local (Poultice with Shashtika rice)
  • Pinda Sveda- Shashtika– Sarvanga- whole body
  • Shashtika lepa (Application of Shashtika rice boiled in milk)
  • Shirolepa (Application of medicated paste over the head)
  • Snehapanam (Intake of ghee/oil)
  • Svedanam- Steam chamber
  • Svedanam- Avagaha (Sitz bath)
  • Svedanam – Upanaham (Poultice)
  • Tarpanam (Retention of Oil in Eyes)
  • Udwarthanam (Powder Massage)
  • Vamanam (Induced vomiting)
  • Vasti – Shiro (Oil retention in the head)
  • Vasti- Kashaya vasti (Decoction Enema)
  • Vasti – Sneha Vasti (Oil Enema)
  • Vasti – Matra Vasti (Enema)
  • Vasti – Local – Greeva(Oil retention in the neck)
  • Vasti – Local – Janu (Oil retention in the knee)
  • Vasti – Local – Kati (Oil retention in back)
  • Vasti – Local – Uro (Oil retention in the chest)
  • Virechanam (Induced purgation)