Tourist places in Mahe


The Ezhimala-Payyanur circuit is a collection of endless stories and folklores! Payyanur is a town in the heartland of the district of Kannur with the fine blend of fantasy and heritage making its land rich in the history of Malabar. The town is situated on the banks of Perumba River. It’s one of extant ancient civilized places in Kerala. Ezhimala is a gorgeous village comprising the Ezhimala hill range. The village is regarded as the former capital of the ancient Mushika Kingdom, and is considered to be an important historical site. A flourishing seaport and centre of trade around the beginning of the Common Era, it was also one of the major battlefields of the Chola-Chera Wars, in the 11th century. It is believed by some that Lord Buddha had visited Ezhimala.


Paithalmala is a hill station in the Kerala-Karnataka border. This place situated around 80 k.m from Mahe town is an ideal location for trekking as it is around 1,450 metres above sea level. A base reception centre and a watchtower atop the cliff function for the benefit of tourists and trekkers. Buses are available from Taliparambu to the nearest bus station Pottenplave and Kappimala


Parassinikadavu situated in the Anthoor Municipality of Kannur is a small temple town. Parassinikadavu is a famous tourist destination in North Kerala, situated on the banks of the Valapattanam River. This place is situated about 35 k.m from the Mahe . Parassinikadavu Sree Muthappan Madappura (Temple), Parassinikadavu Snake Park, Boating through the River etc. are the major attractions of the place.


Muzhappilangadu Drive-in Beach which is Asia’s longest drive-in beach is 15 km from our bungalow . The beach have a long 4 k.m stretch of blackish brown sand that awaits the tourists to take a long and slow drive along the beach. The sight of the Arabian Sea along the drive is spectacular. One can whiz along the tightly packed sands and the palm-fringed shores of the Muzhappilangadu Beach. The beach is protected by sharp and large black rocks against the current and quick waves that approach from the sea. The beach also hosts various adventure and water sports for the tourists.

Sargaalaya Crafts Village

The word Sargaalaya means the house of Craftsmanship! The craft village is a cluster of skilled artisans from the region – a group that makes majestic craft pieces and another group that performs the traditional art forms. Visitors to the Crafts village are encouraged to interact and learn from these talented artisans. There are 27 cottages in the craft villages where more than 60 varieties of crafts are made by hand. With the rare combination of art and tourism, the village paves a platform for the development of traditional artisans. The whole traditional industry of Arts and Handicrafts is getting boosted with ample opportunity for sale of their products and they are given brand protection as well. The large number of art lovers and tourists can witness live display of craftsmanship. Sargaalaya conducts a two-week Annual Arts and Crafts Festival during last week of December every year.